Annual summer break

Dear Clear Poetry Readers,

A quick note to let you know that Clear Poetry is taking a well earned rest for the next couple of weeks, and will return with new poems on Monday 14th August.

Feel free to continue to submit your work during that period, but just be aware that you’re unlikely to receive a response from me until week commencing 21st August.

Thanks, as ever, for your wonderful support.


Ben x

Summer hols

Dear readers,

After tomorrow morning’s post, the site will be taking its annual break, returning with more new poems on Monday 4th July.

In the mean time, please browse the archives – perhaps you’ll unearth a gem you missed the first time around, or revisit an old favourite.

Thanks, as ever, for your ongoing support,


Ben x

P.S. Submissions will remain open during the break – I will look to respond with an aye or nay by the end of week commencing 11/7. If you’ve already submitted, and haven’t yet had a reply from me, I am hoping to come back to you by 17/6.

Summer hols and gratitude

Hi folks,

Firstly, many thanks for all of your support since Clear Poetry was launched in January. I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams that so many of you would be so keen and kind, nor that so many excellent writers would gladly furnish me with their brightest and best unpublished work.

Secondly, after tomorrow’s post (three more poems by the marvellous Richie McCaffery) this site will take a well-earned break, returning on Monday 6th July with yet more accessible, approachable and (I daresay) downright astonishing contemporary poetry.

In the mean time, please browse the archives and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to see more by a previously featured poet (or propose someone else whose work might sit well here).

While I’m away, submissions will remain open so please continue to send your work for consideration and I’ll look to respond to everyone by the end of week commencing 6th July.


Ben x