So you’d like to submit to Clear Poetry?



  1. Send me 4-6 unpublished poems (but bear in mind that you stand a better chance of having poems accepted if you send 6)
  2. Paste them into the body of an email (no attachments)
  3. To clearpoetry [at] (replacing “[at]” with @)
  4. Add the word “Submission” in the subject line, followed by your name (or pen name)
  5. Include a brief note – it’s polite (and my name’s Ben, by the way…)!
  6. Make sure you include a short biographical piece that you’d like to appear below your poem. You could list some of your publication credits (but please, not all of them), or just give readers some interesting information about yourself.
  7. Please also include any links that you’d like to appear on there, such as your Twitter username, your blog or your publisher.
  8. Simultaneous submissions are fine, provided you say so in your covering note and let me know if any of your poems are accepted before I’ve responded.

If you don’t follow the guidelines above I reserve the right to delete your submission without reading it. I’m not being difficult here – I run this site in my own time and I refuse to waste it on submissions which don’t follow the very simple rules listed above.

I will respond to all submissions within four weeks, and often much quicker. If you haven’t heard from me after that time (and you’ve checked that you’ve followed the instructions above), please feel free to chase me up using the email address above.

Rejection is the hard part, and unfortunately it’s part and parcel of submitting work to any journal. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t wish to publish your work – it’s purely my opinion and if you submit the work elsewhere it’s entirely possible it will be accepted!

If it’s a no, please feel free to submit again, but wait a few months before doing so to give others a chance.

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have poem(s) accepted for publication on Clear Poetry, please wait nine months before submitting again.

I schedule posts on Mondays and Thursdays at around 5am UK-time. Each post is publicised on the Clear Poetry Facebook page and Twitter account, and if your work is published then please share the link with your friends.

All poems will be retained on the website’s archives, which can be accessed either by scrolling down the main page, found in the index or located using the search facility.

Clear Poetry participates in the British Library’s UK Web Archive programme, and as such any poems published will be preserved forever. If you don’t want your work to be immortalised in this way (and why wouldn’t you, exactly?) please don’t submit.

Depending on time available, I may also nominate your work for awards (the Forward prize, Best of the Net etc) and include it in a future Clear Poetry anthology, but I will always obtain your consent before doing so.

If a poem appears in your own book (pamphlet, chapbook or collection), another journal or an anthology, please ensure that Clear Poetry is credited as the first publisher.

Likewise, please consider including Clear Poetry in your bio when submitting work elsewhere to help spread the word.

Please note that I can’t pay you for your poetry, no matter how wondrous it may be. However, feel free to include any plugs for your current or previous publications, gigs etc in your biog.

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