Anthology 2015

2015 was an incredible year on Clear Poetry, and I decided to mark the end of the blog’s first twelve months with something special: a FREE* anthology.

Clear Poetry Anthology 2015 Cover

The book includes at least one poem by each contributor but it’s sequenced more like a mixtape, rather than in the order in which the work was originally published. Hopefully this will mean that everyone will find something new which they might have missed the first time around.

* Now, before you get too excited, although there is nothing to stop you merrily grabbing these files without paying a penny, I thought it would be nice to invite every reader to donate a sum of their choosing to their favourite charity. Failing that, and especially if times are hard, a random act of kindness will suffice. Either way, give. Please.*

OK, so the files:

Firstly, here’s a version on, which you can read on screen.


PDF version – downloadable from WordPress here

MOBI version (for Kindle) – downloadable here

AZW3 version (for Kindle DX, Fire etc) – downloadable here

EPUB version (for Kobo, Nook etc) – downloadable here

Or if you like, download a zip folder containing all formats from here

For each of the ebook formats (MOBI, AZW3 and EPUB) you should just be able to download the file to your PC or laptop and then transfer it to your Kindle, Fire, Nook, Kobo etc once the device is connected via USB. Generally you can simply drag the file from your ‘Downloads’ folder straight into the device (often the ‘Documents’ folder), although check online support documentation if you’re unsure.

I hope you enjoy reading it, and do please let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Anthology 2015

  1. shekath August 1, 2016 / 6:17 pm

    I’ve been mooching on your Site and have just discovered this Anthology:cool,as my Granddaughter would say, and thank you. I shall pop into church tomorrow and put some money in the wall for the poor of the parish.


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