Anthology 2016


It’s been another great year on the site, thanks to some incredible contributions. I’ve chosen one poem from each writer for inclusion in this free e-book, which you can read either via the embedded player below or by downloading the pdf file here.

If you wish to find out more about the contributors, please head to the Index page here on the site, where you can find links to each poet’s work – a short biographical note is included at the foot of each set of poems.

Sadly one of the contributors, John Mackie, passed away on 23rd December. John was a valued friend, an excellent poet and a brilliant performer. This book is dedicated to John, and you can learn more about his incredible life and work at his website.

As with last year’s anthology, the book is free to download but I would ask you to donate whatever you can afford to a charity of your choice. Alternatively, you might like to consider giving to one of John Mackie’s charities in his memory – either Erskine, which cares for Scottish veterans, or Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

**UPDATE 16/02/2017: Gram Joel Davies has very kindly converted the anthology into both EPUB and MOBI formats, so that they can be enjoyed via Kindle and other portable ebook devices.

the MOBI format (for Kindle) is downloadable here

the EPUB format (for Kobo, iPad, Nook) is downloadable here

As well as being a superb poet in his own right, Gram offers a number of excellent services to poets, including poem critiquing, WordPress website setup and ebook conversion. You can check out his website here.

I hope you enjoy this year’s anthology.

Best wishes,

Ben Banyard
Editor, Clear Poetry