Paul Waring – two poems

Time To Go

time sticks
to soles of shoes
and feet itch
to pull up roots
when it’s time to go

places can weigh
you down
like an overcoat
full of bricks
heavy as mondays

that rain
blue consequences
and living
is a light that
hurts your eyes

when flowers
forget to smile
trees stare blankly
and a blackbird
is just that

so it’s important
to know
before hope falls
like a final skittle
behind the horizon

that places can
get under your skin
turn you inside out
and make you button up

………………..on the wrong side

in cities at night

foxes overturn bins of light sleepers
clinically unpick dead bones of take-aways
and sashay away deaf to sirens
that spike through night air

unobstructed you accelerate
through gears of sleep….I reverse
to a window seeking culprits
but only gangs of October wind

loiter on corners belowchase plastic
bags that escape witch-like or hang
impaled on branches….as traffic rests
sharpened sounds of night emerge

a bruised can drums past margins
of parked cars….inside park gates
an owl hoots derision at a whining
passenger jet blinking in blackness

I swell night’s underbelly in a crowd
of one….people and things merge
snake hope and doubt….a river
seeking deep and dark recesses

can’t stand still….turn off or sleep
and cities at night are clocks
that count time….unlike people
like you and….occasionally I

Dr Paul Waring, a retired clinical psychologist lives in Wirral, UK. He once designed menswear and, in the 1980’s, was a singer/songwriter in several Liverpool bands. To date, his work has appeared in Reach Poetry, Eunoia Review, The Red Ceilings, Optimum Poetry Zine and will feature soon in the Northampton Poetry Review and Amaryllis Poetry. More examples of his work can be found at twitter: @drpaulwaring

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