Tina Edwards – three poems

Whoever does not love

Strewn across the church doorway pastel coloured
gingham bunting flutters in late summer breeze
half eaten cakes topped with pink fondant icing
lay abandoned on graves

women of the parish teeter in Sunday heels
lips stained blood red with lipstick
children climb over pews ..up yews
use white crisp table cloths to make dens

he smiles at me ..a brief moment of remembrance
politely shakes my hand ..leaves no room for doubt
stands upon a rickety chair ..thanks us for coming
how we have been blessed with the weather

he kissed me once ..behind the altar bathed in warm light
when we were young and grown ups drank red wine
carrying bibles in their hands ..today ..church bells ring
reminds me of the first time

Forget ..me ..Nots

I hesitate ..turn the rusty latch that says Vacant
a stumbling urgency into an imaginary throne
red velvet ..beautiful silk drapes ..gold crested arms
an incense bouquet breathes life from distant lands

I become ..Engaged ..in a dystopian cold room
frequented by hoards ..court to a bastion of illicit encounters
black pen prophesies ..noxious smeared walls
wafts of stale urine ..unite ..yesterday’s news

kelly sucks dick ..I wuz yer ..anarchy in the U.K.
demands to be read over and over ..outside crazy paving
sprouts pretty weeds ..delicate blue flowers ..yellow centres
waiver in the nights cool breeze

if I had the inclination ..a pen ..I would find a space
between the Kelly’s ..Dicks ..draw them in fading light
hand pressed hard against the wall ..hold the memory
hope ..I remember their name ..why I came here tonight

Love Child

Father spoke of a time before me ..when it was you and him
who strolled through the park ..lay on an old picnic blanket
devoured crab sandwiches washed down with weak tea
like cats piss with sugar ..he said ..just the way you liked it

he held your hand at the duck pond as rain filled your sandals
the red ones with yellow flowers ..you carried in both hands
you laughed ..ran ..with the wind ..arms held high
a wild child ..while others huddled under umbrellas

it was him who sat on the kitchen floor ..watched you undress
poured Champagne into whiskey glasses ..wrote I Love You
in pink glitter lipstick on the empty bottle ..kept the cork
in a wooden box

he kissed you goodnight ..embraced insatiable hunger
held you tight ..until shadows took shape on the bedroom wall
and tears stopped falling with the rain ..when you told him
it was me ..you truly loved

who held your hand ..walked with you through the park
paddled with ducks ..fed them crusts from toast he made you
as you slept late into the mornings ..holding me close exhausted
snatching dreams ..he said it was me ..who tore you both apart

Tina Edwards lives in the rural and coastal county of North Somerset. A keen walker and keeper of ducks she is a new poet recently published in Reach Poetry by Indigo Dreams Publishing and Flowers in the Machine, a free e-anthology of science poems published by Poetry Kit. She has also been published online in the USA by Poetry Super Highway for the 19th Annual Holocaust Remembrance Day Poetry Issue with her poem ‘Deep in the Forest’. She can be found here: tinaphotosandpoetry.wordpress.com

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