Paul Brookes – three poems


what bling do you bring,
to adorn our nest,

a nose stud, an anklet
to set against our darkness?

Remember when we lobbed twigs
down chimneys, and the home

owner’s rage at the block
in their flue, as smoke billowed

into their front room, so they coughed
and spluttered and cursed or, Jack, in March

when you flew high to find
a forest perch and escaped

falcon’s sharp talons.
What bling do you bring, Jack?

We Are Travellers

When we arrive it is fresh life,
winter coldly begins to shut
its door on us.

Gregarious, shy, nervous, brave,
noisy on the pull, chuckle, chatter
over fermenting windfall apples,
forage. Tell each other we borrow
this gravedark earth.

And when lowerworld cold mist rises
icy from the sod, we go on, return
earth, for a warmer earth, a fresh life.

Work our way up wind. Each one of us
pauses, now and again, stands upright,
gazes around. We respect others’
space, expect ours to be respected.

When alarmed, by those who would buy
this sod, we scoot off down wind,
gather elsewhere.

When we leave, it’s spring
warm and welcoming.


hedge poet
soil mariner
tells a tale
in measured tones
and measured phrases
fruity and fluid
English berries and worms,

lyrical, invent words,
as I turn brown
to black, pause
for those juicy tubes

I haul and yank
a ship’s rope
release the anchor
of my hunger
from dark earth
to feed my black sails

a migrant from cold Germany

Paul Brookes has been published in many magazines in the south west of England. He performed as a member of the poetry in performance group “Rats for Love” and his work was included in their 1990 publication Rats for Love: The Book.

His first chapbook was The Fabulous Invention Of Barnsley (Dearne Community Arts, 1993).

His website is


3 thoughts on “Paul Brookes – three poems

  1. Robert Nisbet November 3, 2016 / 9:06 am

    I really like the wit and the inventiveness of these poems.


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