Katherine Waudby – three poems

Letter from his Widow

If you were Benedict Cumberbatch and I were Renee Zellweger
do you think you’d still be alive?
If our shambles were laid on a screen
millimetres thick,
there’d be no room for grit.
They’d miss out the episode
when I caught you with leggy Lucy.
Your laughter winded me.
At first I could only see her
legs waving in the sunshine.
The scene revealed to me
as I entered from the passage,
motes glistening around you.
You looked up, smiling,
still smiling,
no flutter of disappointment.
I never believed you hadn’t been in her red skin-tight shorts.
I saw her in Aldi last week, you know.
Her smile as wide as ever
but teeth grey as her hair.
If she’d not called my name
I’d not have recognised her.
She’s a grandma now.
We mentioned you of course.
She said how kind you’d been to her and her boyfriend
that summer.
I didn’t remember him at all.
Since seeing her, I’ve not been able to get your expression out of my head,
that day when I walked in.
Now I know
you were innocent.

The Big Cheese

Across the valley,
in neat green acres
a six-windowed farmhouse
glows like a stately Stilton.
As we drive past, my passenger
cuts herself a slice,
“I nearly bought that, y’know,”

but for convenience sake she prefers
the three-roomed flat over the chip-shop.

Euler’s Identity

E to the power of i pi plus one equals zero.

This absolves sin.
Like a moment of prayer
the message gets through
I see beauty not as an artist stands back,
but as a hiker sees upland valleys,
not proud of his legs and lungs
or mystified by his eyes
but open-mouthed,
To walk for miles along a rock-strewn cliff path
doubting my destination
imagining wrong turns
fearing nightfall or snow
to see the glow of camp light
and find a three course meal
on a table set for one
is a lesson
in truth.

I didn’t venerate maps or
nail men to finger-posts.
I took the walk and
saw the view for myself.

Katherine is a 53 year-old teacher living in the Peak District. Her work has appeared on various webzines such as The Beat and Cathy Galvin’s Word Factory. She published a book of short stories in 2005 but has been lying low until stirred anew by membership of Jo Bell’s 52 gang.


2 thoughts on “Katherine Waudby – three poems

  1. Robert Nisbet August 13, 2015 / 6:56 pm

    I like ‘Euler’s Identity’ very much. Very much a “poem with a point” – but what an vigorous and interesting point.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mavismoog August 31, 2015 / 10:20 am

    I enjoyed your poem in Prole, Robert.
    Thank you for your kind comment.


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