John Alwyine-Mosely – five poems

Winter Blues

I built a little snowman
with a little smile,
when a little puddle
I cried a little while

Tyrants of the nether regions

The basic problem that I see,
just between you and me,
are the jangle dangles of a man,
some too small to scan,
or of the size that water eyes,
that you and I with flies,
know tickle wickle best in wind,
and yet in cotton they get pinned.
Briefs pull in and up and cup,
trunks chafe thighs and show what’s up
was not as promised from the kiss.
While bikini jockstraps are the miss
they sound, as dangles strangle tight,
and cheeks moon for creepies bite.
Of course Boxers give swing and sway
but ditch them all and go commando I’d say.

How I loved football as a child

At home,
if a match on,
I made the TV
with white

Having kittens

My sorry
purred and weaved
your legs,
quietly mewed
for attention
and pawed your hands.

poured milk
and whistled for
the dog.


The morning
lies again
It’s how the
leaves its kisses

John Alwyine-Mosely’s poetry is eclectic (meaning what’s a genre again?)​ drawing on a range of subjects and styles. ​His most recent poems were published in VerseWrights​, ​YorkMix and The Stare’s Nest.


6 thoughts on “John Alwyine-Mosely – five poems

  1. Polly February 23, 2015 / 7:27 am

    I enjoy John’s work – good to see a collection here 🙂


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