Laura McKee – four poems

in the first place

what if the horn
that the unicorn had
was his shell
and he just came out one day
grew too big
to be protected


I missed her
maybe pink
called honey
so low
dreamt of her
when rain came
sweet wrappers

tortula ruralis

but some of us are looking at the star moss
huddled up to lamp posts
with only the space between our ears
does it fall to us here

wings of desire

first it was Icarus
who flew higher

if heat rises
why is it
I’m so cold up here

Laura McKee started writing poetry by mistake, a few years ago. She likes to walk and take photos, while writing in her head. The poems have turned up in journals, including Other Poetry, Aireings, Obsessed With Pipework, Ink Sweat and Tears, Prole, The Journal, The Lake, and Morphrog, as well as on postcards to friends.


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